About Us

After getting its start as the Community Township Library in 1979, the Rachel Kohl Community Library as we know it today, was built in 1989. Serving five municipalities in Delaware County, our top priorities include providing information, books, resources, entertainment and learning opportunities for our patrons.

    History, Mission, and Vision

    Learn more about what drives the Rachel Kohl Community Library—from the beginning of our story up through today and tomorrow.

    Library Policies

    Review the library’s policies.

    Library Bylaws

    Review the library’s bylaws.

    Funding and Governance

    Curious about where the Library gets its funding? We’ve compiled data detailing the funding we receive from the municipalities we serve, Pennsylvania, Delaware County, donations, and grants.

    Financial Information

    See our annual 990 Forms and Audits/Financial Statements.

    Board of Trustees

    Members of our Board of Trustees, meeting dates, meeting agendas and minutes.

    Community Resources

    Need to tap into some local knowledge? This collection of community resources is a great starting point to help you find what you need.