The Rachel Kohl Community Library started out in a school closet and has grown exponentially over the intervening years. We continue to enrich lives and provide a safe space for our patrons to read, meet in our community room, attend numerous lectures and informative programs, and access the Internet.

How to Change Text, Image, and Video Sizes In Browser Window

Use the Keyboard shortcuts to zoom in or out:

Make everything larger:

  • Windows and Linux: Press Ctrl and +.
  • Mac: Press ⌘ and +.

Make everything smaller:

  • Windows and Linux: Press Ctrl and -.
  • Mac: Press ⌘ and -.

Add Google Translate to Your Browser

View translations easily as you browse the web. By the Google Translate

Highlight or right-click on a section of text and click on Translate icon next to it to
translate it to your language. Or, to translate the entire page you’re visiting, click the
translate icon on the browser toolbar.

Learn more about Google Translate at

By installing this extension, you agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy