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Youth Services

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Visit the library and attend one of our youth programs for the month of August/September. Register at the library or by calling us at 610-358-3445. Tickets will be available for ticketed programs 30 minutes prior to the event.


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Check out children's programs across the county with Eventkeeper, interact with TumbleBooks, BookFlix, or TrueFlix (which are best accessed through the DCLS homepage here), or work on early literacy, math, and science skills with Cruise Into Kindergarten by clicking on the buttons below:


The Youth Services Department is always in need of donations to support our programs. We always appreciate donations of crafting/art supplies as well as gift cards in any denomination to local stores. Have a gift card with a dollar or two left over? You can donate that too! Any amount to any store can be used for supplies, snacks or prizes for youth programs.


Tips For a Successful Storytime

1. Please arrive early to allow time to get settled, go to the bathroom, etc. Storytimes for younger ones are only 20 minutes long, so all our time together is valuable. 

2. Participate with your child! Children learn from watching. Feel free to sing and read along. Storytime is a chance to interact with books and the experience will be so much richer if you help your child participate.

3. Minimize distractions. Please turn off all cell phones and tablets and save toys and snacks for after the program. Visiting with other parents is best saved for after storytime as well. 

4. Keep reading! Check out new books each week. Asking questions and extending themes helps reinforce new information in your child’s mind. Kids love to tell you what they learned or what they remembered from storytime!



The Rachel Kohl Community Library welcomes the opportunity to serve children of all abilities. If you or your child requires a program to be in an accessible format, please call Youth Services (610-358-3445) at least 48 hours in advance so arrangements can be made.

To Book A School/Daycare Visit

Please contact our children's librarian at rkcsd@delcolibraries.org or by phone at 610.358.3445.

If you'd like to have your class visit our library, we welcome the opportunity to teach kids about the resources offered here.

If you're interested in a visit to the library, or having a librarian visit your school, please contact the librarian with the date you are interested in, age of children, group size and any particular topic or theme you may be studying.

Storytime Details: 

  • Weekly storytimes do not require registration!

  • Always check the current month’s calendar to make sure storytime is occurring. We try to maintain a schedule and conduct storytimes as regularly as possible but sometimes they may be cancelled.

  • Anyone from anywhere is welcome to join us – you do not need to be a member of the library to participate in our programs. However, we cannot host daycares in our weekly storytimes. Please contact the children’s librarian (rkcsd@delcolibraries.org) to set up a visit or an outreach to your location.

  • Age ranges for storytimes are suggestions and are not adhered to strictly. The stories and songs presented in each storytime have been chosen based on these ages; however, each child is different and the parent can determine where their child is developmentally. On the border between Infant and Toddler? Try one of each and see which fits best for your child!

  • Siblings are always welcome to attend storytimes.

  • Our Facebook page will be updated for closures due to weather as well as any other cancellations of programs.