Rachel Kohl Community Library

687 SMITHBRIDGE RD., GLEN MILLS, PA 19342 | 610.358.3445

Work Hours

The Library Director establishes the time and duration of working hours as required by workload and workflow, customer service needs, and the efficient management of employees.

All employees:

·         Rachel Kohl Library’s work week is from Sunday to Saturday. 

·         Each employee’s scheduled work hours will be determined by the Library Director. The Library Director will inform employees of their daily schedule of hours of work, including any changes considered necessary or desirable by Rachel Kohl Library.

·         Employees are not permitted to work outside of their scheduled shift without the prior approval of the Library Director.

·         Employee attendance at lectures, meetings and training programs will be considered hours of work, and therefore will be compensated with prior approval from the Library Director.

·         The Library Director, at their discretion, may allow employees to make up lost time during the same work week. However, makeup will only be allowed if there is a need or the employee is completing off desk assignments.

Full time – in addition to above

·         Full time employees are expected to work 8 hours per day, typically Monday - Friday.  This may fluctuate based on the needs of the library and job duties, however advanced approval is required by the Library Director for days resulting in more than 8 hours of work.

·         Full time employees are expected to work 40 hours per work week.  Employees are expected to be mindful of their time and alert the Library Director if they are at risk of going over 40 hours during one work week. The Library Director will then adjust their hours accordingly to maintain a 40 hour work week in compliance with FSLA guidelines.

·         Full time employees are paid on a salaried basis. Full time employees do not receive overtime, compensatory time, or additional pay for hours worked beyond 40 hours.

Core Hours

Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm are the core hours for full time employees. Meetings, programs and outreaches outside of core hours must be approved by the director in advance to insure proper coverage at the library during core hours.


All part time employees working more than five hours are permitted a 30-minute break and all full time employees are permitted a 60-minute break. Breaks are not be permitted at either the beginning or end of the workday to offset arrival and departure times. Employees who voluntarily work through their break periods will not be paid additional compensation.   Full time employees should stagger their breaks to ensure that at least one full time employee is in the building during core hours. 

Supervisor on Duty responsibilities

Full time employees will alternate on a weekly basis Supervisor on Duty (SOD) responsibilities for the general oversite of the library outside Core Hours.  SOD responsibilities include handling weekend call outs, maintenance issues and picking up donated flowers at Trader Joes.