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Transferring Holds


When you can’t find an item that has been paged (it’s missing) or if Rachel Kohl doesn’t lend that type of item to other libraries in the system (DVDs, Reference), you can transfer the hold. (Be sure to amend the item record to change the type to No Hold)


1. Go to Search

2. Search for the item by barcode or appropriate title

3. Highlight the RK copy of the item and select “transfer hold”.

4. Select the copy of the item you wish to transfer the hold to by matching the record number.

5. Click “OK”

6. You will be asked whether the item status should be changed to missing, choose the appropriate response.

7. When asked to choose whether a paging slip should be queued for later, click “Yes” unless you are moving the hold to another RK item, then click “No” and go find the item on the shelf.