Rachel Kohl Community Library

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Time clock policy

All employees are required to use the time clock system to record their hours worked. Employees are required to clock in and out at the time clock using their assigned number at the beginning and end of their shift, as well as if they leave the building for a break. If there is a problem with the time clock, employees should notify their supervisor immediately.

Window for Clocking In and Out 

Hourly employees should clock in no more than 10 minutes before a scheduled shift and clock out no more than 10 minutes after a scheduled shift.

Missed Entries

If an employee misses the window for clocking into the timekeeping system, the employee should notify the supervisor as soon as possible. The supervisor will manually enter the employee’s work hours via the manager time clock portal using the employee’s scheduled start or end time. Employees who repeatedly miss time clock entries will be subject to disciplinary action.

Prohibited Time Clock Actions 

Employees may not use another employee’s number to clock in or clock out for another employee.

Unscheduled time 

Employees are only permitted to work outside of their scheduled shift with prior authorization from the Library Director. This includes clocking in early or working after the scheduled end of their shift. Employees who work overtime without prior authorization will be subject to disciplinary procedures.


The Library Director will use discretion in disciplinary actions when employees have various, albeit repeated, offenses to the timekeeping policy or procedure. All manual alterations to time punches must include an explanation in the notes field.