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Cash Register procedures


General guidelines

·        Quality over Quantity!!  Accurate transactions are more important that moving a line at the desk quickly, please do not rush and risk mistakes just to move a line along.  This applies to transactions that are not money related as well. 

·        All transactions should be entered at the time of procedure, please do not try to remember and come back to properly enter the transaction in the register

·        Use appropriate categories. For example, someone playing for a bouquet of flowers and a $1.50 fine should be rung in as $2 flowers and $1.50 fine, not $3.50 in one or the other categories.



Closing procedure

·        Run register tape (directions next to register)

·        Count out all bills in register

·        Return starting bank ($105 in small bills) back to register

·        Using the pre-printed envelope, record the cash taken in, checks and any other things that need to be noted

·        The cash being put in the envelope should match the cash intake total on the register receipt

·        Coins can be put in the envelopes up to $5

·        If you are putting less that the $105 back in the register due to lack of change, note it on the envelope and leave a note for director that change is needed