Rachel Kohl Community Library

687 SMITHBRIDGE RD., GLEN MILLS, PA 19342 | 610.358.3445




The Community Room at the Rachel Kohl Community Library is available for use by community members and groups, subject to the procedures and restrictions described in this policy. The Community Room is to be used for cultural, education, charitable or civic purposes. The room is also available for government agencies. It is not available for religious meeting, meetings of political parties, for fund-raising or commercial purposes. The library reserves the right to:

  • Review and reject and application for use of the meeting room
  • Review the frequency of use by any group
  • Revoke or reschedule any previously approved application for use of the meeting room.

The library has 65 folding chairs in the meeting room. The room has a total capacity of 125.


Reservation policy

  1.  Reservations for the Community Room cannot be made more than 2 months in advance.  Library sponsored programs will have priority.
  2. All reservations must be made in writing and in advance of the meeting date. A reservation is not final until the completed application has been received and approved.
  3. Although groups can reserve several meeting dates on one reservation form, it is not the intent of the library to provide permanent or continuous meeting space for any group.  No individual or group can use the library more than 6 times in one calendar year.
  4. Meetings should be scheduled during regular library hours and must be concluded 15 minutes before closing.
  5. A sound system and projector system are located in the room. A laptop is not provided however; you will need to use your own computer, mp3 player or smartphone to use the sound system and to screen presentations or DVDs. Use of library equipment must be requested prior to the meeting and preferably at the time the room reservation is made.
  6. Any other equipment needs and specifications should be discussed ahead of the scheduled meeting.
  7. When the Library closes because of an electrical or heating/cooling equipment failure or a weather-related emergency, all efforts will be made to notify organizations scheduled to use a meeting room. During adverse weather conditions, the group should check with the Library or listen to local radio stations for closing information.


Rules of use

  1. Groups may not exceed the occupancy limit of the room.
  2. Groups generally may not charge admission.
  3. Meetings must end 15 minutes prior to closing time.
  4. Set-up is the responsibility of the group. The room must be returned to order, with trash in wastebaskets, tables cleaned and chairs aligned. Property brought in must be removed at the end of the meeting. The Library is not responsible for the group’s lost, stolen, or damaged property.
  5. The Library’s equipment may be used at no charge. Damage due to misuse is the responsibility of the group.
  6. Lighted candles or flames of any kind may not be used.
  7. Nothing may be tacked, pasted, or taped on the walls or furnishings.
  8. Refreshments may be served. With the exception of brewing coffee or heating water, cooking or food preparation is not generally allowed. Intoxicating beverages are not generally allowed.
  9. Conduct appropriate to a library setting is expected. The Library Director must approve the adult to child ratio for meetings involving attendees under the age of 18. Attendees must make arrangements for childcare. The Library cannot assume responsibility for supervising children. The Library bears no responsibility for personal injury to any member, affiliated persons, guests, or licensees of the group.
  10. No organization or group using the meeting rooms will discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or handicapped status in the provision of service.




Failure to comply may result in denial of future use of the meeting rooms, financial liability for damages, and/or immediate removal from the meeting room.


Permitting use of a meeting room does not constitute endorsement by the Library of the group’s policies, beliefs or goals and no claim to that effect nor claim to Library sponsorship may be used, explicitly or implicitly, in advertising or notices. Neither the name nor address of the Library may be used as the address of the group.



Fee Schedule

  • Civic or non-profit organizations may use the Community Room for up to 4 hours for a fee of $50.00. All day use of the room for these organizations is $125.00. Proof of non-profit status should be submitted with room request.
  • All other organizations and individuals may use the Community Room for $80.00. All day use of the room for these organizations is $200.00.