Rachel Kohl Community Library

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Library Card Procedures


-if Chester County (or other County), make sure they DO have a card from the county in which they reside


2. Make sure application is signed (on back) and filled in completely, fill in “Staff use only section”.


3. Obtain form of identification with current address.


4. Select:                  “rkpat: R Kohl patron” to create card for permanent resident of PA

“rkpatother: R Kohl out of state” for out-of-state residents

- 1 year/$25

                  -rang in under 9. “Non-Res”

 “rktemp: R Kohl Temporary” for one year cards


5. Enter appropriate PCODE3 based on address (ask patron for their township, or look up using address).

Common Local Codes:

                  2                  Bethel Twp

                  3                  Chadds Ford Twp

                  7                  Chester Hts Boro

                                    11                  Concord Twp

                                    41                  Thornbury Twp - Delco

                                    44                  Upper Chichester Twp

                                    59                   Birmingham Twp

                                    60                  Pennsbury Twp

                                    68                  Thornbury Twp – Chester Co.


6. Enter code for appropriate patron type:

                                    0                  Adult

                                    1                  Juvenile


7. Enter “Card at”:

                                    9                  RK                  Concord Twp

                                                                        Out-of-State Cards

                                    29                  DE                  Bethel Twp

                                                                        Chadds Ford Twp

                                                                        Chester Heights Boro

                                                                        Thornbury Twp

                                                                        Upper Chichester Twp

                                                                        Chester County (and all other PA counties)

8. Enter Birth Date in MM-DD-YYYY format.


9. Select: “Print” or “Email” for Notice Preference (If email, patron will receive notice of upcoming due materials as well as overdues, holds, etc.).


10. Enter your information as the creator of the card, for example: Rachel Kohl librarian Joan Smith would enter JS@RK.


11. Enter today’s date in MM-DD-YYYY format.


12. Enter type of identification used: 

                  PA LIC, Other State LIC + Bill, etc.


13. Enter Patron Name: Last Name, First Name then Middle Name/Initial.


14. Enter Address.


15. Enter Telephone #.


16. Enter 2nd Telephone # if desired.


17. Enter Email Address if desired.


18. Enter Gender: Male or Female.


19. Scan Barcode of New Card.

(If Chester County, scan Chester County barcode)


20. Peel off Barcode label and affix to back of Application.


21. Review all information for accuracy.


22. Link children with a parent or guardian’s card.


23. Return ID and new card to patron along with information about library (RK Pamphlet, Calendar of Monthly Programming, Magnet of Library Hours, Borrower’s Guide, etc.)


If replacing a lost card, fee is $3 (make note in record with old barcode).


Remember an Adult Card is needed to take out videos.