Rachel Kohl Community Library

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Library employees and volunteers represent our organization to the public. Careful selection of dress contributes to and enhances the professional atmosphere of the library. Dress should never interfere with the environment of the library or prove a hazard to personal safety or to the safety of others.   The Library Director will decide on whether an employee is in violation of the policy. 

·         Shoes must be worn at all times and meet the following standards for safety:

o   Shoes should cover most of the foot.

o   No thongs, flip-flops, or open-toed shoes

·         Pants, jeans, slacks, and skirts should be clean, neat, and fit well.

o   No shorts, cutoffs, bathing suits, all-terrain, boxer shorts or combination thereof.

o   Jeans must be hemmed or cuffed.

o   No sweats or spandex.

o   No pants sagging below the hips.

·         Shirts, blouses, or tops should be neatly tucked in, or overlap the waistband of skirts or pants.

o   No tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, low necklines, midriffs, spaghetti straps, mesh shirts, or t-shirts.

o   No items with wording, slogans, pictures, advertising or symbols representing, but not limited to:

§  Political or religious messages

§  Provocative, offensive, violent, or drug-related pictures or slogans.

o   Hats, caps, bandannas, hoods, wallet chains, or sunglasses should not be worn while working.

·         No clothing that has been torn or has holes will be allowed.

·         Staff and volunteers shall be mindful that some people are very sensitive to the chemicals in perfumes and use restraint in use of scented personal items.  


Reporting to work with improper dress will result in the following:

First offense – Employee will be sent home for a quick wardrobe change. Hours paid will be counted from time of return to work in appropriate attire.

Second offense – Same as first offense plus a written warning placed in file.

Third offense and beyond –Suspension without pay up to dismissal, depending on the level of offense, at the discretion of the Library Director and Board of Trustees.  

Approved by Rachel Kohl Library Board 10/26/15. Policy effective 10/27/15