Rachel Kohl Community Library

687 SMITHBRIDGE RD., GLEN MILLS, PA 19342 | 610.358.3445


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Dial My Calls Instructions


1. Minimize Circulation.

2. Click on Icon “Dial My Calls.Com”

3. Account Login = kohllibrary@delcolibraries.org

    Password = library

4. Click “Login Now”.

5. Click “Setup A Call” (2nd tab).

6. Select Premium Call Blast (“Setup Call Blast Now”).

7. “No Additional Call Options” should be selected, Click “Next”.

8. “Library Holds” should be selected, Click “Continue to Step 3 >>”.

9. Click “Click here to start adding contacts to this call”; Select “Quick Add Phone Numbers Only” [DO NOT SELECT “ADD CONTACTS FROM MY EXISTING GROUPS”].

10. Type in phone numbers, one per line, then click “Add Contacts” when done.

11. On the right-hand sidebar, under call overview, check Contacts to Call. Be sure number of contacts matches number of unique phone numbers of incoming materials.

12. Click “Continue to Step 4 >>”

13. Caller ID Display should be 610-358-3445, Answering Machine Detection Settings should be “Use Answering Machine Detection”

14. Click “Send Out My Call Now”

15. Click “Place This Call”


To confirm calls were successful, Click “Reports” tab (5th), and view report for today’s date. If any calls were unsuccessful, they should be made directly by library staff person!