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Billing Lost or Damaged Books


Billed books go into patrons account

If patron is going to pay for the book now

 –put the book in as lost (if the patron is not paying for the item now do NOT put in as lost because there will be no late fine calculated by the computer if the book is returned)

 The computer will place the book in as billed.

  Go into fines.

Click on item and left click on (view this fine)

Click on adjust (on bottom line of page)

  Left click on processing fee (______) in bar area add $5.00

  Left click to ok.

The fine will be added to the patrons account.

Fine can be paid by check, cash, on line or on the square reader. And enter fine in register as lost book.  Then you can fill out a peach slip or take the name of the book, price and patrons name and phone # and your initials and date.

     If a children’s book – place slip on Katie’s desk

    If an adult book – place info in Amy’s mail folder

    If book has a hold by Rachel Kohl Library Admin. – place slip on shelf in back labeled ‘Billed overdue books’.


If it is not our book – call the library that owns the item and ask if they charge an added fee or if the price of the item is what they charge.  A check (made out to the library that owns the item, or cash can be sent in an envelope through the bins. to that library do not ring up on our register